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Gate Redesigned for Boy Scouts’ Camp Shenandoah

Quabbin, Inc. and Crofton Industries complete cost-effective repair at Hope Lake

This broken Mueller gate at Camp Shenandoah, Swoope, VA, was redesigned and repair components made by Quabbin, Inc. Crofton Industries completed the repair and installation.

David Mrowiec of Crofton Industries came to Mark LeBoeuf at Quabbin, Inc. with a problem: the gate at Hope Lake on the grounds of the Boy Scouts of America’s Camp Shenandoah in Swoope, Virginia, was in disrepair. The 20 x 20", 1950-vintage Mueller gate’s non-rising stem was bent and broken, the yoke was broken and the stem guides were undersized. Repairs had already been delayed for some time due to cost concerns but if the gate were to be opened, and couldn't be closed, there would be summer camp without a lake in which to swim, fish or canoe. Mark, himself an Eagle Scout with many years of camp experience under his belt, suggested a redesign of the gate from a non-rising to a rising stem, eliminating the need for repairing the yoke and the gate’s risers. This simplified the repair and greatly reduced the cost. While the original gate was opened and closed with a 2” AWWA nut, the upgraded design included a pedestal and hoist with a handwheel, allowing easier operation by the Camp Ranger. Quabbin, Inc. provided the replacement operator stem, extension stem, stop collar, stem guide assemblies, pedestal, hoist, handwheel and wall bracket, all of which were installed by Crofton Industries. With this cost-effective redesign, and a Scout discount from Quabbin, Inc., the Hope Lake gate is back in working order in plenty of time for summer camp.

Crate containing a pedestal, hoist, handwheel, stem guide assemblies and wall bracket manufactured by Quabbin, Inc. for repair of gate at Boy Scout of America's Camp Shenandoah.
Crate containing the stem guide
assemblies, pedestal, hoist, hand-
wheel and wall bracket by
Quabbin, Inc.


361 Forest Road, Wilton, NH 03086

Tel: 978-544-3872

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