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QUABBIN, 361 Forest Road, Wilton, NH 03086 | Tel: 978-544-3872 | contact@quabbininc.com

Who We Are

Quabbin is an equipment manufacturing company, located in the southern New Hampshire town of Wilton, and focused on providing gate and valve repair components. We are housed in a 40,000-square foot building and currently have 25 employees. We are committed to providing employment and supporting the local economy in this rural area of New Hampshire.

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How We Got Started

Back in the early 1980s, when he was an engineering student at UMass Amherst, Mark LeBoeuf, already knew that after graduation he wanted to come back to the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts and, ever since the Marco’s Tacos project in 6th grade, that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He earned his mechanical engineering degree in 1984, then served in the U.S. Navy, 6 years active duty and 8 years in the Reserves, earning the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Following his tour of service, he worked at Pulsafeeder, Chemcon, Rodney Hunt and Neles-Jamesbury, and earned his M.B.A. at W.P.I. before realizing his goal of owning his own business. In 1996 he bought out one of two partners in a small manual die cutting company, and Quabbin, Inc. was born! His pump, gate and valve product knowledge, combined with his engineering background, helped grow the company's capabilities to include CNC machining, die cutting and water jet cutting, as well as powder coating and welding, and to become a trusted supplier of water control components. In 2021, Mark recognized the potential benefits of partnering with an existing manufacturing company, Amherst Tool, of Wilton, NH, and the two entities joined forces to create "Amherst Tool dba Quabbin".


361 Forest Road, Wilton, NH 03086

Tel: 978-544-3872

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